Why is There Such a Variance in Dental Fees?

Why is There Such a Variance in Dental Fees?

Why is There Such a Variance in Dental Fees?

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-02-08 | Download PDF small PDF icon

There is no simple answer to this question, as it has many subjective and objective factors that have to do with quality of care, which represents a mosaic of a dentist’s caringness, innate talent and desire to learn the best techniques and technologies that would best serve the patient.

One primary aspect of any type of dental care is that prior to a patient having any definitive dental treatment, that the oral environment/ecology would be healthy – free from bacteria that cause decay and gum disease. Much of dental restorative care involves a dental laboratory, and they vary considerably in quality.

A caring, talented dentist who would treat his patients as he would a family member would only work with the best of dental laboratories. If a dentist has contracts with dental insurance companies that regulate the dentist’s fees, they would be tempted to use less than the highest quality of labs. If a dentist has a philosophical mindset of primarily high production, he would definitely be enticed to use less than the highest quality of labs, have less skilled staff, and advertise fees representative of that.

Caring dentists who have a personal value of top quality will want the highest of quality in all they do for their patients. They will seek the best of post graduate courses (not cheap, and time away from family), use the best of dental laboratories and would treat the patient as they would want themselves treated. He will have higher than usual fees for his services because of the financial resources he has expended on his facility, equipment, and a top , well-paid staff.

The old saying, “There ain’t no free lunch’” is true with dental fees – if a talented, caring dentist who takes the time to do what’s best for the patient, using the highest quality of labs with a top facility, equipment and staff, necessarily has to have higher than usual fees, otherwise he could not exist financially. This requires that along with the dentist taking on the responsibility of learning how to become the best by expending the time and financial resources to become the best, he also needs to take the responsibility to see to it that he is seen as extraordinary in order to attract the type of patient who desires only the best.

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