MELISA Testing Explained

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-02-27 | Download PDF

Metal hypersensitivity

Exposure to metals in dental fillings and implants, joint prostheses, pacemakers, environmental pollutants and jewelry can lead to health problems in susceptible individuals as it can cause an allergic reaction. The MELISA® test (Memory Lymphocyte Immuno Stimulation Assay) measures hypersensitivity to numerous metals, including mercury, by placing a series of metals into contact with the white blood cells of the person being tested and then monitoring the reaction.

An innovative diagnostic tool

MELISA can be used to identify triggers of inflammation, whether the source is nickel released from surgical implants, gold from dental crowns, mercury from "silver amalgam" fillings, or now also bacteria from a tick bite. For more information on MELISA testing, go to the MELISA website:

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