One Great Advantage For All Patients Entering the Dental Wellness Center

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-08-15

The Dental Wellness Center’s core has to do with education and discovering causes, not just treating the results of dental disease.  Because of this health-centered approach, many of our new patients have general health problems, such as a compromised immune system and seek our care to avoid dental treatment that could worsen their condition. For this reason, we use Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT: as a guide for these individuals to assist us in selecting only treatment technologies and materials that are suited to them. Blood is drawn and sent to CMRT that uses serum antibody testing against all medical and dental materials – types and brands – and a report is generated that shows whether any of the materials are suited or not suited for the patient. One of the offshoots of having used this protocol over many years is that we’ve maintained a list of dental materials that most always come back in the suitable, or non-allergenic range. This developed list is advantageous for all our patients, in that there is a high chance that these materials will support the health of the immune systems of all our patients!

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