The Dental Wellness Center - Holistic and All Encompassing

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-04-07

I have written several articles pertaining to why The Dental Wellness Center is a holistic (1) dental practice. Per the dictionary definition, I believe that the word is a great match for the Center as it does include the four elements essential to a patient developing optimum oral health and its relationship to systemic health: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. In order for a patient to be on a true road towards better health, there must first be a trusting relationship, which definitely encompasses the first two elements. Regarding the physical, the Center's doctor(s) and team must be highly trained in order to be able to deliver the many preventive and treatment regimens available within it, such as natural cosmetic care via Bioesthetics (2), along with effective TMJ treatments (3), Oral Rejuvenations (4), Biomimetic Dentistry (5), Bad Breath Solutions (6), Non-surgical periodontal (gum) Health solutions (7), Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Solutions (8), Full Dentures (9), Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal (10), Biological Dentistry 11, Zirconia Implants (12), and Dental Materials Testing (13) for selection of non-allergenic materials to be used in the mouth and MELISA Testing (14) for hypersensitivity to metals. When trust is developed that allows for the successful application of the above preventive and treatment technologies, true joy ensues from the dramatic results, both on the part of receiver and giver which truly consummates the full definition of the term holistic.

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(2) "Bioesthetics, Oral Beauty, Function and Temporomandibular Dysfunction ("TMJ")"

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(11) "An Introduction to Biological Dentistry"

(12) "Ceramic Implant System"

(13) "What is Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing?"

(14) "MELISA testing

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