What’s New at The Dental Wellness Center?

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-03-28 | Download PDF

As a health-centered practitioner I am involved in several professional organizations that are outside the traditional dental mainstream. One of these is the International Academy or Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The Academy membership consists of dentists, M.D.’s, Naturopaths and PhD researchers in various fields such as nutrition and synthetic materials used in the body (such as dental restorations and implants). Our annual meeting in Las Vegas was a symposium, and its presentations had to do with new research in nutrition, ozone therapy, mercury toxicity and advances in genetic studies. I took home several relevant concepts that will influence The Dental Wellness Center as well as for me personally. One upcoming advancement is the use of ultrasound instead of x-rays for dental examinations as well as other areas in oral diagnosis. Digital x-rays have recently been an advancement over traditional film x-rays, but what about using no radiation at all? I will also be investigating the use of ozone therapy for dental application to combat infections of various kinds.

In the field of nutritional supplementation, I discovered why some studies have shown that Vitamin E is not helpful as an antioxidant; in fact one study showed that it increases the risk of prostate cancer*. One of our presenters, Dr. Barrie Tan, PHD has researched Vitamin E and found that part of its molecule – Alpha Tocopherol – hinders the efficacy of Vitamin E. He showed that removing this component of the Vitamin E molecule allows its smaller elements – Delta Tocotrienol – to permeate body cells and provide very powerful anti-oxidant, cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects, as well as neuro-protective, anti-cancer 1104493 and anti-radiation activities.


Jorge Flechas, M.D. showed evidence of how Boron deficiency is related to osteoarthritis. Countries with low Boron in the soil have the highest incidence of osteoarthritis (Jamaica – 70% incidence), while those with plenty of Boron in the soil have the lowest incidence of osteoarthritis (Israel – 1% incidence).


He also showed the amazing effects of having proper iodine levels in our bodies, not only in preventing the myriad of thyroid problems associated with its deficiency, but how women with the proper levels of iodine have healthier babies born with much higher IQ’s.

Other information presented during the symposium demonstrated how the fight to have mercury fillings banned in the U.S.A. (as it is in several countries) is becoming a reality. Also shown was the effectiveness of many non-mainstream therapies for many illnesses including cancer and heart disease.

The theme of our monthly in-office presentations is The Oral-Systemic Connection, and learning experiences such as this last symposium makes me realize more and more the true meaning of this connection. I will be discussing these important topics in future office presentations and newsletters as they become more established at the Dental Wellness Center.

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