What’s So Special About the New Patient Experience At The Dental Wellness Center?

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-08-16

In a true wellness, or holistic approach to health, enough time is spent in the beginning to avoid wasting it in the future. Not only time, but future oral health problems that can be avoided through becoming empowered early on through a learning experience that puts you in charge of your future oral health. I believe that Sir Francis Bacon nailed it when he said “Knowledge is Power.” Proper knowledge can pave a healthier pathway in our day to day lives, including our oral health, which is closely tied to the state of our overall health.

Our first appointment is the start of this process, wherein the doctor and patient get to know each other and discover what exactly the patient is seeking. The following are steps we take during this co - learning process.

Appointment 1

     What's accomplished                                 Time

Doctor - Patient interview                  As much as is needed

Doctor - Patient oral examination      One half hour to 45 minutes


  • Oral cancer screening
  • TMJ functional examination
  • Oral musculature range of motion analysis
  • Orthodontic analysis
  • Teeth wear analysis
  • Dental charting of existing dental repairs, missing teeth, etc.
  • Periodontal assessment via gum measurements for pockets and bleeding score
  • Phase contrast microscopic oral biofilm (plaque) analysis
  • 8 – 10 intra-oral photographs
  • Full mouth Digital Radiographs
  • Panoramic analysis

The above is performed in such a manner that the patient is “in the loop” as we proceed through the process conversationally so the patient can begin learning about the status of their entire oral system.

Appointment 2

Between Appointments 1 and 2, doctor reviews all the data gathered during Appointment 1 and develops a Review of Findings Word file that may consist of from two to five pages, outlining all that he has learned about your teeth, gums, function, etc.  At the beginning of Appointment 2, you will be handed your Review of Findings file to read and take notes regarding any questions that may arise. Thereafter, you will convene with Doctor and Patient Coordinator to review all the information included within the file – the goal of which is to leave you with a full understanding of the status of your oral condition and all options to improve it.     

Early on in my dental career, it became quite apparent to me that those patients who were seeking answers fared far better than those who showed up only wanting an immediate problem to be fixed, such as a broken tooth or toothache. Because of this obvious difference, I committed to developing a practice mission of cultivating trusted partnership relationships with interested patients to offer them a learning experience that would result in their discovering the current status of their entire oral system. Through assimilating information pertinent to their unique oral condition, they become empowered through a learning experience that offers them life-long skills and dental treatment that can last a lifetime.


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