Why all the Thoroughness and Attention to Detail?

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-03-26 | Download PDF

The purpose of a thorough oral examination and Review of Findings appointments in The Dental Wellness Center is to teach my patients of the potentials and liabilities that exist within their oral system. The Center has a practice philosophy that defines the word “doctor” – that of “teacher” which is its definition in many languages. Traditional dental practices typically examine the teeth and gums and tell their patients what needs to be done for now. The holistic practitioner will educate his patient in the relative health of their oral system and partner with them towards co-developed goals for a preferred oral future.

The difference between a traditional and wellness, or holistic approach to an oral examination is that the holistic dentist is highly trained in evaluating the mouth as a system and how it relates to other bodily systems. He assesses each aspect of the oral system, i.e., the teeth, gums, jaw joints (TMJ’s), their muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves and through his specialized training is able to relate these important oral components to the whole of the oral complex. He knows that the whole is no greater than the contributions of its individual parts. His background and educational pursuits have taught him how a healthy and attractive oral system appears and functions – a healthy model. Instead of solely making the usual recommendations to replace, repair and clean teeth, through his understanding of the principles that underlie the healthy model he is able to guide his treatments utilizing them in designing a successful functional and esthetic outcome for his patients. Through his education and training, he can no more just look at teeth, gums and cosmetics any more than an architect can just look at wood, bricks and mortar.

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