Mercury part 2

Protocol for a patient desiring to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed/replace:
Alternate oxygen breathing system for Dr., assistant and patient

More information about mercury fillings is in the book "The Poison in Your Teeth"
which can be obtained from Dr. Tom McGuire’s website.

Protocol for a patient desiring to have their mercury amalgam fillings removed/replaced:

  • New patient examination including an initial interview with the doctor.
  • Many new patients are working with a health care provider and have a mercury detoxification program in place already.  For those who don’t and would wish to develop one, I recommend Dr. Tom McGuire’s book, “Mercury Detoxification” http://dentalwellness4u.com/index.html for adjunctive procedures such as blood testing, Melisa test, supplements, activated charcoal, vitamin C infusions etc. 

Filling removal procedures:

  • Rubber dam is placed to keep filling debris from being swallowed.
  • Fillings are kept cool with copious amounts of cold water during filling removal to minimize mercury vapor release.
  • Fillings are "chunked" out, rather than being drilled away completely which results in very minute particles causing more vapor.
  • High-volume evacuation is used to capture amalgam particles and mercury vapor.
  •  Oxygen masks for Dr, assistant and nasal hood for patient during their removal.
  • Clean up immediately after their removal - we remove and dispose of our gloves and rubber dam, and thoroughly rinse and vacuum the entire mouth for at least 10 seconds.
  • Treatment room air is filtered to capture residual mercury vapor and other contaminants.