It is my professional mission to offer you, my valued dental patient the finest Holistic dental care possible in the most comfortable, relaxing environment my staff and I can create. Here are a few words about my philosophy as a “health-centered” dentist and how I got there.

My primary aim is to live my life with full purpose, both personally and professionally. My home and family is what grounds and nourishes me. My innate curiosity and passion for life, together with my formal and informal learning experiences have shaped my values and viewpoint, and especially shaped who I am as a dentist. My curiosity as a youngster of 10 or so got me in trouble for taking apart my parent’s nice clock. I believe it was this inquisitiveness and need to know how things function that eventually led me to entering dental school.

After graduation, I remained insatiably curious. My continuing post graduate studies while practicing dentistry gave me a realization of the complexity of the human body and how it interrelates with the health of the teeth and mouth. I soon realized that dental school, although extremely important, was merely a primer to the more broad, overall knowledge necessary to realize this intimate relationship between one’s oral and general health and self-esteem. I discovered things I had not learned in dental school, such as how pain in the jaw joint, head and neck can be directly caused by the way the teeth and surrounding structures of the mouth function, or how people who have gum disease are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as those with healthy gums.

Realizations such as these compelled me to integrate teaching into my dental practice, so that my patients could understand the basis of their dental problems and their potential implications. Then we could treat the problem and what’s more, teach them how to prevent future problems. I have truly come to understand why the word “doctor” means “teacher” in several languages.