Through studying, teaching and practicing dentistry for over 35 years I have come to realize the amazing uniqueness of each  person’s oral system. The teeth are just part of a complex network that  includes the supporting structures (gum and bone), jaw joints (TMJs), surrounding muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves. Ongoing research continues to show the relationship between one’s oral and general health and that each influences the other. Realizing these factors, my practice is based on my learning about you, your health goals, and then an oral examination and diagnosis. Secondly, having you learn what I’ve discovered in an understandable manner so that you will know your preventive and treatment options and the rationale behind them. This way we can work as partners from co-developed goals. The website was developed in order to express the uniqueness of this practice based on these realities, and to assist you, a potential patient, in discovering whether your health values resonate with those that are incorporated within the practice.