The mission of the Dental Wellness Center is to teach its patients about the unique nature of their oral status through a co-learning process between doctor and patient that empowers them to make informed choices regarding its future. Health is not a commodity that can be dispensed – it is the result of a dual commitment between the doctor and patient based on transparency and trust developed along a diagnostic path of co-discovery, resulting in patient confidence through the knowledge acquired therein.


“TMJ” is a common acronym term for an affliction that plagues a large segment of the population. Actually, everyone has two TMJ’s, or temporomandibular joints. They connect the lower jaw (mandible) to the upper jaw (temporal bone). They are very unique to all the other joints in the body, as they move in and out of their sockets, or “dislocate” so to speak, during normal functions such as chewing, speaking and yawning. All other body joints normally remain within their sockets during motion, and if they dislocate, it is a very traumatic event. The TMJ’s are a ball and socket type joint (condyle and fossa) that can move in many directions during normal function. In a healthy functioning mouth, however they do have a stable “home base” position (left image) when the teeth are closed together. They can, however, also be forced to operate out of their normal, healthy positions, in this case, the cartilage being dislocated in a forward position (right image).



Henny Youngman is famous for an old chestnut he has used for years.  In response to the query, "How is your wife?” he replies, "compared to what?" “Compared to what” holds the key to an understanding of the significance of x-ray exposure in dentistry. For, although we all know radiation is in general undesirable, what then is dentistry's contribution to the overall picture?

Dental x-ray (Gonadal Exposure) compared to background and other sources of radiation:

The Gonadal radiation absorbed by an individual in a normal day from fall-out, sun, TV, etc. is approximately .3mR/day (1972).

People who live in mountainous areas may absorb up to .5mR/day. 

Wrist watch dial, 1 mR/hr. to wrist.

Pilot’s absorption from instrument panel, 1 mR/hr. 

Coincidentally, ..3mR is the gonadal dosage from a full mouth set of dental x-rays taken at 65kvp at 10 ma, and at a distance of 8 inches and is tantamount to watching TV in the evenings for 4 weeks.  (Journal of American Dental Association).