Bioesthetics – Looking at The Bigger Picture

Bioesthetics – Looking at The Bigger Picture

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Bioesthetics – Looking at The Bigger Picture

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-03-06 | Download PDF small PDF icon

The term dentistry usually brings to mind procedures such as fillings, crowns, cleanings, bridges, implants, etc., all of which are related to treating the effects of dental disease. Great strides have been made over the past 10 – 15 years in improving these technologies, i.e., stronger and more naturally appearing tooth restorations, and more comfort during treatment.

A branch of dentistry relatively new on the scene is Bioesthetics. However, its principles are not new; in fact they have existed in nature for thousands of years. Its founder, Dr. Robert Lee, who prior to dental school had degrees in both bacteriology and biology, researched hundreds of people and discovered that a small, but very important segment of the population was naturally gifted with oral systems displaying healthy, painless function and attractive smiles. He observed, without exception, that they all shared common attributes interacting within their oral systems which sustained them for a lifetime, and consequently they rarely if ever needed the services of a dentist. A model of dental and oral health was derived from this research of these fortunate individuals who comprise 10 – 14% of the population. Their common attributes have become the guidelines that direct the dentist trained in Bioesthetics in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the oral system.

The teeth are one component of an elaborate system intimately connected with their adjacent network of jaw joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles. Research has shown that if the upper and lower jaws and teeth are not functioning in harmony, a cascade of symptoms can emerge involving not only the immediate oral area, but the neuromuscular systems of the surrounding areas of the body. These symptoms include head, jaw, facial and neck pain, migraine headaches, numbness down through the extremities, vertigo (loss of balance) as well as ringing in the ears.

Bioesthetics is a not a treatment technique, such as a tooth filling or bridge to replace a tooth, but a process that addresses the underlying causes of oral system abnormalities such as teeth wear and head, neck and extremity pain, prior to treatment of the teeth. It is a well grounded, research-based approach to health, based on evident truths derived from the qualities of the healthiest natural living human dental systems. This is an important fact, as the best of treatment techniques can fail if they are not guided and monitored by an underlying philosophy grounded on health

A dentist trained in Bioesthetics realizes first the importance of educating the patient about how their oral system may veer from the healthy model – the cause of the problems. Then a process is commenced to harmonize the oral system resulting in relief of pain and discomfort. After that is accomplished, a diagnosis is made for treating the teeth in a manner parallel with those existing within the healthy researched population. The teeth are then treated based on the guidelines to sustain the developed health of the system. Dentists trained in Bioesthetics have the passion, knowledge, and experience to treat proactively toward a specific optimal health goal.

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