The Meet Up Experience  at the Dental Wellness Center

The Meet Up Experience at the Dental Wellness Center

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The Meet Up Experience at the Dental Wellness Center

By Cindy L. Endres, MBA, Operations Manager | Date Published: 2019-05-07 | Download PDF small PDF icon

We are happy to see so many of our patients interested in our educational programs. It is important to all of us staff members to be able to deliver services to you that benefit your overall health. That is why we thought it would be great to reach out to the community and our dental family to see who we could help spread the word about what we do and how we help those who visit the office to see Dr. McBride and our hygienist Janell.

Education is the foundation of the Dental Wellness Center and if you have been lucky enough to get to know Dr. McBride, it is the cornerstone of his legacy for not just his patients, but for future patients that are referred to us time and again. We want the many years of expertise Dr. McBride has provided within the scope of his services to impact your lives, but also those around you. Sharing that message is extremely powerful and at the same time empowering. If any of you were to visit the DWC website, you will find a knowledge base that spans decades of experience through the personal voice of Dr. McBride to his patients. There you will find more than 90+ articles about every aspect of holistic dental health and our practice. Each time Dr. McBride touches on a topic with a patient, it becomes part of our knowledge base to continue the educational process. He truly wants you to learn about why and how you are being treated.

From our new patient interviews, we’ve discovered that it is not uncommon that many traditional, insurance based dental practices push through treatment on as many patients each day and as quickly as possible. Here at the Dental Wellness Center we take the time to truly get to know you as an individual – a person with individualized needs and desires to get you on the road to a healthy lifestyle – starting with your oral health.

Our new Family Meet Up experience allows patients to bring in their family and friends in a comfortable environment without any pressure. It is a time to get acquainted with our new patient process and how we get to know you, what it takes for us to understand your oral health status and to also educate you in a manner that perhaps you have never experienced. We want you to be confident that you have made the right choice with Dr. McBride first – then, we can talk about how to assist you with your dental needs.

We start the Meet Up by introducing the staff and sharing with the parents as to how your children can become patients at the DWC as young as 2 years old. First visits many times are just to see the office and get to know the staff. Creating a safe and pain-free experience for the young ones is very important to us. Educating them early not only fosters good hygiene skills but also instills proper preventative measures that can give the younger generation a head start and create self-advocates for long term health. It can be as simple as how to brush, when to brush, and what happens when you don’t!

Sample teeth and tooth brushes are put in the hands of the children at the Meet Up and Janell our hygienist walks them through brushing, flossing and eating right. Janell also provides a free pH testing to find out exactly where your level is related to your food intake so that you can become healthier with an alkaline check. Food choices are an important aspect to keeping a healthy oral system and body. We also look at sugar bugs under a microscope so that the children see what is happening at a microscopic level when they ignore healthy dental habits. Some of the parents learn from this experience as well. It’s a judgement-free zone where all ages have an opportunity to learn more. Knowledge is a powerful tool to stay empowered and in control of one’s health.

We will be offering more in-depth Meet Ups that relate to Bioesthetics, TMJ, dentures, and biological, holistic dental services. We invite you to become further educated as to what is available to you through the leading-edge holistic approach by Dr. McBride. Look for the next Meet up announcement and don’t forget to sign up! Be sure to bring your friends and family with you. Our DWC dental family continues to grow and we are so grateful that you have entrusted your health with our professional and knowledgeable staff. See you soon!

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