We Build Relationships

We Build Relationships

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We Build Relationships

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-03-30 | Download PDF small PDF icon

It is our intention to build healthy relationships with our clients. Without a trusting relationship it is very difficult to have successful communication and understanding.

The Core Values of The Dental Wellness Center

What we mean by Core Values are fundamental principles which do not change over time, the state of technology of the environment. They define the culture of our practice and the shared values, beliefs and work ethic of its people and of the clients we serve.

Happiness– We believe that unhappy people perform much less effectively than happy people. When we don’t enjoy what we’re doing, how and why we’re doing it, we’re taking away from ourselves and can’t offer our clients our best. If we diminish who we are, we are, in effect, lessening that which we are able to provide our clients – a mutual “rip-off.”

Honesty and Trust– Our conduct reflects a committed genuine purpose, what we do is from the heart, driven by a passion for being authentic with ourselves, our clients and all our stakeholders through open and honest communication.

Client Focus– To inform our clients about their oral health choices through clear communication; to respect and regard their preferences given a true understanding of their options while creating an enjoyable environment and experience through developing caring, compassionate and continuing relationships.

True Professionalism and Doing Good Work– To maintain a professional, caring and personable demeanor with everyone; to take responsibility for a leadership role for our clients while nurturing leadership and professional growth in our team, and accepting our leadership in our profession through sharing our successes and accomplishments; to maintain superior skills and preserve our high work ethic while implementing superb technology in producing excellent

results for our clients; and to live our lives as examples of our values. By defining the expectations which we feel are the most important we hope to establish the beginning foundation of trust with our clients. What you can expect from us:


Courtesy, integrity and respect We will maintain our professional relationship with you on the highest plane of mutual respect, fairness, courtesy, integrity, confidentiality and trust.

Communication and understanding We will listen to you and answer any questions that you may have. Our goal is to understand you so that we can satisfy your dental needs. We will communicate clearly so that you will have complete information regarding any treatment, with realistic expectations and intelligent options that you can understand and act upon with confidence.

Keeping Our promises We will honor our commitments in a timely manner, keep our appointments punctually and respond to your inquiries promptly.

Fees, quality and value Our fees are based on the talents and experience of the Doctor and the relative skill, care and judgment required for diagnosing and treating your dental health needs. The fees are commensurate with the quality of treatment you will receive, not the cheapest price. We will provide you with the finest in personalized care and guarantee that you will enjoy an exceptional outcome.


Communication So that we can continually improve our services to you, we expect you to be open, prompt and honest with your questions, concerns, and feedback to us.

Personal involvement Since the success of treatment outcomes is dependent upon close cooperation on both sides, we expect conscientious implementation of our recommendations.

Commitments and timeliness Honor your commitments in a timely manner and keep your appointments punctually. A forty eight hour notice is required if a situation arises wherein you need to reschedule.

Financial arrangements We recognize our duty to be your dental health advocate and will always work in your best interests. Therefore, we expect that you will pay your fees as agreed.

Sharing your successes Our performance standards are designed to make your experience with us very comfortable. We look to our clients as active advocates for us, as we are active advocates for our clients. To keep our relationship in balance, you will give consideration to referring to us at least two clients annually who you believe will benefit from our services.

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