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Dr. McBride's introduction to The Dental Wellness Center website

Patients are motivated to see a dentist for varying reasons. I started this website in 1989 and have written all its articles in order to have potential new patients learn what differentiates The Dental Wellness Center from other dental practices. I envisioned its development as an opportunity to express what I have learned over time and how I take interested patients on a road to optimum oral health. My professional postgraduate learning adventure has taught me that the teeth and gums are only isolated elements of a vast network comprising the oral system that lies within other bodily systems, each influencing the other. Traditional dentistry mainly concerns itself with teeth cleanings, dental repair and cosmetic treatments that basically address the results of dental disease and dysfunction. I take the time to educate my patients about the causes of their dental problems wherein a relationship is developed and we become partners in health as goals are established through a process that creates mutual discovery and trust. Whether ones' needs or desires have to do with the development of teeth and gum (periodontal) health, diagnosis and treatment of TMJ related migraines, balance problems (vertigo), head and neck discomfort, safe mercury removal or the development of teeth with natural smiles that defy detection of having been treated, it all starts out with a priceless shared learning experience between me and my patient. I am very passionate about my practice purpose and have discovered that for long-term oral health to evolve, there needs to be a matched interest between the dentist and patient for this learning process to occur. This website was designed with the above in mind to give potential new patients who have a high interest in learning, information that they may be searching for on their road to optimum oral health, function and appearance, and to save time for those who do not.

Robert P. McBride, DDS, FAGD, MAGD

The Purpose of the Dental Wellness Center is to educate its patients to such a degree that they understand the basis of their oral condition and thusly become confident in making their own decisions regarding its future.

Dr. McBride is an accomplished author and lecturer. Read his latest article in the September, 2011 edition of Dentistry Today, the most widely read professional dental journal. In it he chronicles a conservatively performed full mouth oral restoration without having removed any tooth structure from the patient's teeth.

Click here to read his article "Rejuvenation Via Biologically-Guided Technology"
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