The Dental Wellness Center Inception and Purpose

by Dr. McBride | Date Published: 2017-04-06 | Download PDF

The Dental Wellness Center was developed by Dr. Robert P. McBride, a world class dentist who realized early in his career the important relationship between oral and systemic health and the inherent limitations of working within the traditional dental "fix-it" model in his patients improving it. Although teeth are the primary object of dentists, they are only one element of a multi-elemental system wherein all components need to be in biological harmony for sustained oral health and longevity. The more he learned along his post doctorate educational path, the more he realized that for true health to be developed, a partnership needs to take place between the patient, the doctor and his team. His coursework consisted of advanced training in oral microbiology and the functional aspects of the human chewing system and how they relate to natural esthetics. He is a profuse lecturer, published author and one of very few dentists who has reached a Mastership level in the Academy of General Dentistry. He also has achieved Level 4 status in Orognathic Bioesthetics, bestowed on fewer than three hundred dentists worldwide. In the Wellness Center, the initial appointments are all-important as they set the stage for a mutual educational experience between the doctor, patient and team. The patient then learns about the current status of their entire oral system to such a degree that they can confidently make informed decisions regarding its future. The more Dr. McBride has learned, the more he realized the uniqueness of each persons' teeth, oral environment, function, and attitude regarding health. Per Dr. McBride, "Where excellence is concerned, quality is the constant and time the variable."

The purpose of the Dental Wellness Center is to inform its patients about the unique nature of their oral status through a co-learning process between doctor and patient that empowers them to make informed choices regarding its future. Health is not a commodity that can be dispensed – it is the result of a dual commitment between the doctor and patient based on transparency and trust developed along a diagnostic path of co-discovery, resulting in patient confidence through the knowledge acquired therein.

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