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Dr. McBride, a guest on the Create Your Holistic Lifestyle radio show sharing how to become healthier with Holistic Bioesthetic Dentistry and the Mercury Free, Mercury Safe treatment for patients!

As a Dentist and Educator of a Holistic Bioesthetic Practice, I am rewarded with changing patient’s lives with a process of educating and helping people to make informed decisions about their oral and overall health to create a long, healthy life!

I will explain what Bioesthetic Dentistry is and the importance of a holistic approach where we are advocates of our patients with mercury-safe / mercury free dentistry using non-toxic fillings. The mission of the Dental Wellness Center is to teach its patients about the unique nature of their oral status through a co-learning process between doctor and patient that empowers them to make informed choices regarding its future. Health is not a commodity that can be dispensed – it is the result of a dual commitment between the doctor and patient based on transparency and trust developed along a diagnostic path of co-discovery, resulting in patient confidence through the knowledge acquired therein.


Dr. McBride, a guest on the Create Your Holistic Lifestyle radio show

Johnathan Colbert joined by special guest Robert P. McBride, DDS, MAGD to discuss #HolisticDentistry, #Wellness, and how to be in control of your overall health by better understanding how the entire body is at effect of one’s #OralHealth!